Biography Andres Saravia

Born in Bogota, Colombia in 1961 I inherited the love for photography from my grandfather and Dad, I still keep one of my grandfather’s old camera a Vest Pocket kodak model B, My Dad used to have a kodak Retina unfortunately it got lost, it was a great camera.

My first camera was a Diana camera it was a plastic body camera. In the mid seventies my Dad gave me a Canon FTb, also at that time I had a dark room for B&W photography under the stairway of my parents house, during my school years in USA I bought a Pentax ME camera; in 2002 I entered to digital photography.

Just one more thing I enjoy capturing light through my camera, and learning everyday more about photography and different techniques. Lately I am studying and working in the “Strobist” technique consisting in off camera flash, I am working with three flashes, using umbrellas,soft boxes,reflectors and snoots, to manage light, this flashes are being control by pocketwizard wireless system.

I am working on nude photography and portrait indoor and outdoor,trying also to shoot some lightning and HDR photography.

I hope you enjoy my work.